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SoHot Easter Bunny Bash @ SOHO 04/21 22:00 - 04/22 07:00, SOHO CLUB, Vilnius

Sunday Chill @ Glamour Gay Sauna 04/21 20:00 - 04/22 03:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

Gayme Night 04/26 18:00 - 21:00, Fondo "FRIDA" patalpos, Kaunas

SoHot Deejay Battle - Round 2 » SONARE (SOHO CLUB) vs PERFURO (SOHO CLUB) 04/26 22:00 - 04/27 07:00, SOHO CLUB, Vilnius

Darkness @ Glamour Gay Sauna 04/26 22:00 - 04/27 08:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

Gay Naked party @ Glamour Gay Sauna 04/27 22:00 - 04/28 08:00, Glamour Gay Sauna, Vilnius

Viva La Primavera C-lebrity @ SOHO 04/27 22:00 - 04/28 07:00, SOHO CLUB, Vilnius

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Atsiųsta 2016-09-17 20val.

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An engaged couple of four years, Lynette and Corey, have been opened up their relationships to talk for real about their struggles, their insecurities and their sexuality. Corey, who is straight, finds it tough to imagine he is enough for Lynette, who has dated both men and women. Their relationship has been both on and off, and during the off periods he was worried that she was using that time to date women and get with her ex-girlfriends. It didn’t matter if she was with guys, but it did matter if she was with women. Even though Lynette says it ‘really isn’t an issue’, Corey still doesn’t understand. ‘In my experience and I feel like several other people’s experiences, sexuality can be very fluid,’ she told him, trying to make him see her point of view. ‘There have been several instances where I’ve been attracted to this person. It’s caused me not only a lot of really fucked up hurt and stuff like that, because it’s so confusing. ‘I knew immediately when I met you that I choose this person. I didn’t know, a long time ago I thought I might end up with a woman. I was open to that a long time ago. But now after meeting you, I knew that wasn’t an issue anymore. ‘It wasn’t a case of, “Oh, that’s dead now”, but it’s “I choose you” and I wouldn’t do anything to fuck that up.’ The video is for The And project, a series of couples asking deep and honest questions in an effort to learn more about modern relationships.

Watch this engaged couple have a heartbreaking conversation about the girl’s bisexuality